The Useful Skill of Photography

The leading lineskalen-emsley-98265

The photo has been taken by kalen-emsley-98265


I  think the photographer used the photographic element very well. as a viewer, i see an journey in the picture and the journey has a lot of ways. it shows that in that journey , we are to take in different places  but the most important thing is the journey.


This photo is taken by Josaphat Ngandu


My picture is related to my example by showing that there is an direction to somewhere which i can it is an journey. by taking stairs we are taking somewhere so it is a journey like in the example  below. i have utilized very well the principles of leading lines by  showing that there is an journey in the picture.. when you go up stair , you get the a final place.

Depth of Field


This photo is taken by erik-lundqvist-221875


This photographer used well the photographic element. we can see that the photographer want to capture the flower but there was a house far behind it so he focused on the flower. we can see the flower are clearly viewed.


This photo by Josaphat NganduMYPIC23

This picture is really related to the example of the depth of the field because it focused on the pink flower and it has a nice blurry in the background. i have used well the principles of depth of field so i had focus on the pink flower.

The Rules of Third


This photo has been taken by jesus-kiteque-224069


This picture is really perfect cause i think the photographer used very well the rules of third. the picture is nicely divided in the rule of third. the photographer thought well about the part of the picture which i think is relevant.


This picture is taken by Josaphat

MYPIC235I think i have used well the rules of third. i have separated the pictures in nine part as it is in my example below.  its components connect to each and other. the guidelines and intersections are well suited.











Typography of The Ad Of Elle

i took this picture at

Typeface 1#


this is a modern . i have identified by the thin and horizontal and there is not bracketing.

Typeface 2#


it is a sans serif. i have identified because it does not have serif and bracket nor thin and thick horizontal.




The elements that are contracting are the thin horizontal  and the radical thin and thick transition in the stroke from the modern with sans serif elements which there is not a thin horizontal and a radical thin


The above principles contribute well in the design of the ad by making it appealing we can see that the modern type is larger than the sans serif type which made a contract, i think  the modern and sans serif was a good choice to make the design appealing because they are contrasting well.