Appealing Design of Fanta’s Ad

fanta ads 2
This image is the logo of the fanta’s campaign.
i have taken this image which is the logo of the fanta’s campaign. at




There is a nice and strong orange contrast in the picture which makes it appealing to the viewer as orange it is one of the symbol of the brand. the aqua yellow color behind the bottle made it look special like spitting of water in real life so it is so appealing to the audience. i think also the blue tint of facebook icon made a contrast in the picture.



There is a nice proximity in the picture which communicate well with the viewer. the text on top is the right side which gives viewer an idea what the text is trying to communicate as we usually focus on the left side of the paper so that is why the bottle is on the left side. then at the bottom, we have two text boxes which are social media channel on the brand that the users can use to connect with the brand.



There is a repetition because the brand logo is repeated twice which  keeps the logo in the mind of the viewers. the text alignment is also a repetition.


The text  on top is aligned on the right which helped to convey the message of the ad through the bottle on the left. at the bottom , the texts are on the left and right which makes a repetition which attract viewer’s eyes directly. the alignment is well done.



The ad has nice colors which catch the viewer’s eyes and convey a positive image of the brand. fanta is usually in orange, we can see that the orange is the stronger colour in the ad. the orange means the taste of the drink. blue shades, orange and green represent the image of the brand. the logo is repeated in the bottle which makes a good repetition of color.  the blue tint from the icon of facebook and the text which is in white makes nice repetition of color. yellow makes a nice background which also represent the color of the fruit orange which is the core element of the brand and every customer love the orange.

Finally i have concluded that the ad is relevant, simple and clean which communicate the image of the brand directly to the customers. the brand made sure to put the representative color of the brain and it is well done. the design is so appealing to the customer as it is well done,  it conveys the taste of the drink.



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