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The Useful Skill of Photography

The leading lines The photo has been taken by kalen-emsley-98265 https://unsplash.com/search/kalen-emsley-98265 I  think the photographer used the photographic element very well. as a viewer, i see an journey in the picture and the journey has a lot of ways. it shows that in that journey , we are to take in different places  but the most important … Continue reading The Useful Skill of Photography

Appealing Design of Fanta’s Ad

i have taken this image which is the logo of the fanta’s campaign. at http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FoBHG-YRsjg/T0pKvLTfMjI/AAAAAAAAPWw/e2NNOnkNdkQ/s640/Websites+drinks1.jpg   CONTRAST There is a nice and strong orange contrast in the picture which makes it appealing to the viewer as orange it is one of the symbol of the brand. the aqua yellow color behind the bottle made it … Continue reading Appealing Design of Fanta’s Ad

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